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Moving Tips

A. Check the reputation of your moving company. Ensure that they are a member of the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM). This is important as you are entrusting your valued and often irreplaceable possessions to them.

B. Make moving arrangements as far ahead as possible. 

C. Notify utilities when to discontinue service. 

D. Make arrangements in advance for all services at your new home. 

E. Call around and schedule a few in home estimates. We strongly suggest not booking a mover over the phone, without them seeing your homes contents to be moved and getting an estimate in writing. 

F. To eliminate costly waiting time, schedule mover’s arrival at new address to coincide with the arrival time of your key. 

G. Carry currency, jewelry and valuable papers with you. Movers will not accept responsibility for articles of extraordinary value. 

H. Notify post office of change in address. 

I. Be sure to notify Bureau of vehicle registration of change of address. 

J. Notify school authorities so they may forward you children’s records to their new school. 

K. Make sure to have all items being cleaned, repaired, and or stored returned to you before you move. 

L. Arrange to transfer your bank account to your new location. 

M. Take a telephone book with you, it will come in handy for checking addresses, etc. 

N. Throw away inflammables – such as lighter fluids, gasoline, matches, paint cans, aerosol cans. 

O. Ensure that all packing boxes are taped closed, top & bottom. 

P. When marking cartons we suggest you mark contents both on top and on the side for easy identification. 

Q. Any items, such as luggage, that are not included in your goods to be moved should be kept separate. 

R. If storing your goods, inspect the warehouse facilities of your moving company. 

S. Food can not be packed and stored in warehouses. Donate your food to Moves for Hunger instead. 

T. Go through the house with truck foreman when he comes to your home, giving any special Instructions you may have. 

U. Advise truck driver where you may be contacted at new destination. 

V. Any fixtures fastened to the wall, drapery, track, etc. should be taken down for the movers if they are to be moved. 

W. On moving day, check attic, basement and garage to make sure all wanted items are taken on truck. 

X. All furniture should be empty prior to moving. Remove contents from dressers, file cabinets, desks and night tables. 

Y. Disconnect & pack electronics, including stereo components, computers, DVD players & lamps. 

Z. Call your Movers in Toronto Greg and Son’s Moving and Storage.